A 35 year old patient came into my clinic one day complaining of low back pain and poor energy. Shockingly, he blamed these nagging symptoms on getting older, when in reality, he should have been in the prime of his life.


I believe that the human body is designed for optimal mental and physical performance, and full functionally until late in life. But the stresses of modern living can make aging difficult, with people suffering at earlier ages.

No human body was designed for the amount of stressors and poor health influences that modern living throws at us on a daily basis. 

Pre-modern societies saw people living fully functionally until late in age with less chronic pain, less fatigue, and less chronic disease. The interactions between our ancestors’ genetic material and their environment over the course of 100,000+ generations shaped the way our health is influenced today.

Scientific research verifies that implementing simple lifestyle adjustments that mimic the way our bodies were designed to function not only can reverse many disease states, but also promotes optimal mental and physical performance, better athletic performance, and overall better aging.

As a doctor devoted to preventative health, I help healthy people make the minor tweaks to their daily lives that will better influence their health over the long run.  Because even minor tweaks can mean astounding results. 

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