What You Need to Know About Nutritional Supplements

Nutritional supplement companies are getting people to spend a significant amount of money on their health, with possibly little benefit.  

What you are about to find out is that the multivitamin (or other supplement) you are taking, might not just be a waste of money, but could be harming your health.

My patients ask me this all the time.  “What supplements should I take for long term health?”

To answer the question, take one step back. What causes disease and our divergence from good health in the first place? What type of medical approach and healing is our healthcare system trying to implement?

Different answers to these questions cause divergences in healthcare practices, as well as confusion and conflicting information available to the public. The resulting chaos limits the access to quality healthcare solutions for many.

Approaching the supplement question and alternative medicine in general through the lens of evolutionary biology has the potential to offer the most practical and effective way at long-term vitality. This approach also breaks down barriers to alternative healthcare by reducing cost, since the only tools needed are your own body and the environment around you.

Our bodies were designed to thrive without drugs or supplements. Thousands of generations of humans before us ate wild, local, seasonal food and used their bodies in distinct ways that shaped how our bodies work today

Good health is possible and sustainable. To get there we must:

  • Re-Train our bodies to work the way they were designed to, without drugs or excess supplements
  • Investigate. If a drug or supplement is needed to correct your current condition, we must begin to address the underlying cause of your health problem so they are no longer needed.

But are supplements really harmful?

You may take a supplement and note benefit, and you end up taking it for years on end without supervision. However, many people who utilize this method are covering up an underlying imbalance with a pill, and not addressing a root imbalance and working toward sustainable health. In such cases, we must be cautious with what we ingest!

Some research shows that supplementation not only may not create benefit, but also increase risk of early death.

This negative research must be taken into context. In the above studies, it is unlikely that the supplements were directly causing negative health outcomes, but relying on them for an extended period can cover up the symptoms of a more dangerous imbalance

I suggest that everyone interested in optimizing their health or anyone currently taking nutritional supplements see a physician well trained in their use.